Discover the origin of the Female dog name Annie. What does the name Annie mean? Find out how popular the dog name Annie is with annual rankings since 2013.

Annie as a dog name

In this article, we find out about the dog name Annie, discover its meaning, where the name originates from, how to pronounce the name, as well as the gender the name is commonly most associated to.

We’ll also discover the change in popularity of the name since 2013.

Annie as a dog name

How do you pronounce the name Annie?

The name Annie is pronounced “AN ee“.

Is Annie a popular Female dog name?

Yes, Annie is a popular dog name. In fact, in 2021 it ranked 51 in the top 100 most popular Female dog names, according to annual reports comparing over 1 million dogs.

This ranking is based on the most popular dog names, where we’re able to show the popularity change of a name since 2013.

Popularity of the name Annie over time

Here is a table showing the popularity change for the name Annie, from 2013 to 2021.

Annual popularity ranking for the name: Annie
Based on annual results published by

Is Annie a unique name for a Female dog?

The short answer: Unique enough. Don’t worry about it.

Based on a study of pet ownership by the AVMA from 2018, we are able to see that there are more than 76.5 million dogs, shared between 48 million households across the United States alone.

That’s an average of 1.6 dogs per household!

Being ranked in the top 100 dog names alone will make a name much less unique than an obscure name that is both long, and difficult to pronounce, but with such massive numbers in dog ownership, having a unique dog name is going to prove more than challenging.

Our advice? Choose a name you love, rather than a name that is unique.

Details of the name “Annie“

A very basic breakdown of the name Annie, including common gender association, origin, and the length of the name.

Letter name starts withA
Length of name5